Have you cracked a tire and need someone to change it because you do not have the tools or experience you need? Do not be afraid of roadside assistance We are at your disposal our team is open 24 hours a day and will respond immediately after your call to help you.

How to change the tire from road assistance big

We come to the address you specified and with the help of a professional 3-ton lizard jack we lift your car so we can remove the damaged tire safely. Unscrew the bolts with a key and elongation if they are too tight. Then we remove your spare tire and check if it is inflated (in most cases it has dropped out of the long luggage compartment) but do not worry, we have a professional compressor and we will inflate it.

Price for changing a tire

The price depends on how tight the bolts are and what tools they are going to use from 30 to 40 leva varies by paying a visit of 1 leva per kilometer in the direction. For example, you have burst a tire in the bay. Drujba, and we are in the bc. Lyulin the distance in both directions is about 17 km for 30 leva to change the tire + 17 leva for the visit = 47 leva. This is an exemplary price, of course, the exact price you will get by phone after telling us where you are. We will give you a visit and a cost for the service. Here are tips and a detailed explanation of how to safely change your tire:

This article will look at ways to safely change a tire.

Every driver has had to break a tire somewhere along the Bulgarian roads, which are dotted with holes and bumps. In this case, it is good to have a jack, a spare tire (inflated and checked) and a tire change key. The bad thing is that most old cars like our country are missing some of the necessary things for a trouble-free change of the tire. Our advice is if you do not have tools or a spare tire call for roadside assistance. We will replace your tire without a problem quickly and cheaply!

Method disassembly of the tire

Assuming you're lucky and having all the necessary things to replace the tire. Start by removing the key or cross member and loosen all the bolts with which the tire is tightened. In most cases, they are very tight and will need a lot of pressure. It is advisable to get all your weight on the key switch and jump several times over while handing it. If this method of unwinding the bolts does not help, a good option is to use some lever arm (pipe). Which to put in the key and develop the bolt with it.

Correct jacking.

After loosening the bolts, do not hurry to undo them. Put the jack on the slot below the car door about 10 centimeters behind the front of the front fender in most cases. Some car models have a fifth on which the jack needs to be put.

If the car is rotten it is good to put a jack on the carrier or the front axle if the front tire is back if you put it on the bridge. These are the most robust details on the car. Raise and secure the car well, then loosen the bolts completely and carefully remove the tire without wiping the car. Take the spare tire and adjust it well to fit the holes for the bolts. Pull the bolts of the cancer and gently tighten them with the key, then remove the car from the jack and tighten firmly each of the bolts. It is good to tighten each one!