Road assistance - RS

Big service station offers its customers round-the-clock service and basic and ongoing repairs
Changing the chassis Chassis repair is often required because of our traffic situation in Sofia and the whole country. Numerous holes and bumps break the suspension of the vehicle and require replacement of various parts such as:

  • Hinges
  • Swabs
  • Carriers
  • Hubs
  • Coach
  • Cuffs
  • Shock absorbers
  • Springs
  • Bushings

Clutch - repair

Changing the clutch and gearbox replacement How do I know if my clutch is changing? All parts of the vehicle have signs of becoming defective or damaged Clutch starts from the start to climb when the pedal is released The car is forced more to pull off this is called slippage In this case, the fender has left. There are two variants of connectors. One option is with an upper and lower pump as the bottom pump is a bearing pump, in most cases this model is more expensive because it is also necessary to replace the inner bearing pump that sits at the gears. The other option is corded mechanically, as the kit includes:

  • ferro disk
  • drive disk
  • аxial bearing

This comprehensive service takes about 3-6 hours depending on the brand and the car model.

  1. Partial service
  2. Engine oil
  3. Oil filter
  4. Coupon filter
  5. Fuel filter
  6. Air filter
  7. The change takes about 1 hour. It takes about 10,000 kilometers.

Timely servicing must be observed and obeyed, otherwise you may damage the engine and its periphery, which will cost you more often as a repair.

Car - service

Car service has two options in whole and in part. Comprehensive service is required when the car has driven over 50,000 km of the belt and rollers.

    Full service includes the replacement of:
  • An angreney
  • Rollers and tensioners
  • Water pump
  • External strap
  • Filters: Oil, Air, Filter Coupé, Filter Speed (With Automatic Transmissions), Fuel Filter.
  • Brake fluid
  • Antifreeze

Repair ignition system with petrol engine:

Replacement of candles, cables, coil, how many (if any), switch. Using a modern stand and auto diagnostics, we localize the problem of your ignition system and then remove it. The repair takes about 2-4 hours.

Repair of ignition and combustion system for diesel engines: Ignition system for diesel engines is different because there is a fire and compression in the
cylinders difficult ignition may be due to air in the fuel system, which means that it has been leaked. Another
a problem may be the presence of burned candles or relays. Problems may be several so it is best to him
we do a full test and diagnosis and then we can give you an opinion.

Repairs of an ignition system

The car's ignition system includes several components, and if one of them is defective, it may be impossible to start the car as well as its incorrect operation.

Repair of components of the ignition system for diesel and petrol engines.
Starter repair, we start with it because it is often seen as a problem. To repair the starter of the car first need to
dismantled, after which it is dismantled and the internal components are replaced, we recommend to our
customers fully recycle the starter to make sure that after installing it he will spend at least 3 years. Don’t
put second hand parts! Removing and uploading a starter takes about 1-3 hours of work. Self repair and recycling about 1-2 days.

Repair of the braking system

Important advice to any driver for your safety to make preventive inspections of your overall braking system!

Auto changing discs and pads

We offer a full review and brake system test including inspection of all hoses and tubes for corrosion and defects, as well as their replacement if necessary, test of brake systems. Check brake discs and brake pads for wear, defects, edges.

We offer complete recycling of brake equipment:

Repair of the brake tubes and their replacement.
Changing a disk
Replacement of brake pads.

Overhauls and repairs engine

Big Sofia Auto Service Offers basic and current engine repairs. The repairs are carried out by a professional mechanic with years of experience with internal combustion engines. We do not recommend performing these repairs by incompetent people or mechanics with little experience because there is a good chance of getting irreparable defects after a failed repair.

Basic and ongoing engine repair

We offer as services: Repairing the Head-Repair includes disassembling the head of the motor and then taking a picture to check for cracks and defects being given for grinding, then changing the tire bolts and polishing the beds. Then fit the valve and adjust.
Repair of shirts, pistons and segments - This repair is more difficult and takes longer. The whole engine is tweaked and then it is good to change and check the other main and bearings, crankshaft and camshaft components and if necessary replace them. This
repair is required when the pistons and segments are worn, and the cylinders with them.